Sunrise Service

Sometimes churches try to mix things up…have a choir cantata instead of a sermon; have a breakfast during the Sunday school hour; have a combined service instead of the usual early and late services. This week our church decided to mix things up with a 6 a.m. service. No reason except to do something different. So, despite the fact that we live with 80 teenage boys, the church was full for our early morning service. Needless to say, it was also cooler!

After church (and our second breakfast), the boys decided to walk over to the nearby agricultural university to play a game of soccer against some guys there. We joined quite a group of people for the 40 minute  walk through the fields (as the crow flies instead of by the roads). It was an enjoyable long morning of fellowship!

Some other exciting experiences lately that have been picture-less:

Friday: I had a fun shopping experience with a fellow missionary winding through the markets in Catacamas and negotiating prices.

Saturday: We joined a missionary couple for an afternoon in the capital city, Juticalpa, of our department, Olancho, and we got some really good produce!

Sunday: Tonight, we are going over to a missionary couple’s home for dinner.


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