Recipe for Rest

Rest = a Monte Cristo sandwich + a visit from Chele + a few games of uno with the boys

Our sabbath was just what the Lord tells us to have…a day of rest and fellowship. Yesterday we went to church and came home for lunch. We were feeling adventurous, so Scott took the cinnamon raisin sourdough bread, added some eggs and milk, and turned it into an epic Monte Cristo sandwich with ham, cheese, powdered sugar, and a knife to keep it all together. I opted for a less exciting (but no less delicious) PB & J on the french-toast-like bread.

While I was finishing up the dishes and Scott was preparing our own English church service, a few guys stopped by so we put our plans on pause and played uno. We laughed and talked and lost many times. Meanwhile, Scott looked out the window to see Chele stopping by our house, so we invited him inside for a glass of sweet tea. I played uno with the boys for a little while longer until they had to go, and Scott showed Chele some of the pictures he had taken while they had been out on cattle drives. Chele stayed and talked with us for about an hour! We were so thankful for the multiple interactions and a re-energizing day.


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