Scott’s Saddle Story #3

While working on the farm, I have had a lot of time to think.  Sometimes I’d like to think I am thinking profound things.  Other times, I know for a fact I am not.  The following is a classic example of one of my non-profound times…

Ten ways cows are like cars in no particular order!

1. Cars get serial numbers engraved in them, and cows get branded with a number.

2. When going from two lanes to one on the highway, no one ever seems to yield and traffic backs up.  You try funneling a herd of cows from a big area to small area, they just get stuck and moo (honk) at each other. They too don’t understand the concept of “yielding.”

3.  Just like no one likes to be behind a big truck when it lets out its exhaust, I am not a fan of being directly behind a cow when it lets out its “exhaust.”

4. Sunday drivers! No matter how hard you try to push some cows to go, some would get there faster if cut up first by the butcher and then shipped to the next location.

5. Buying a car is a methodical process. We have had a few people come buy one of our cows while I have been here.  The people will walk through the herd that’s in the corral back and forth looking at each cow multiple times.  Then they will go and lean against the fence and act as if they aren’t interested anymore.  Our head guy and the person buying will go back and forth for a few minutes until they finally agree on a price.  Sometimes, the person even wants a look under the hood (or with the cows, under the tail).

6. No matter how many times you fill the car, it seems to always be on empty. No matter how often a cow grazes, it always seems to want more.

7. Some people love talking about cars and some people love talking about cows. Then there are most people who are bored talking about either.

8. Cars have license plates with letters and numbers on them, and cows have ear tags with their identification on them.

*The #9 reason is what inspired this whole write-up.

9. Cows go through a car wash too!  Watch the video and see for yourself…      <–Sorry, I took this video sideways

10. In light of reason #9, as soon as you wash a car, a puddle seems to find it. The second those cows ran through the “cow wash,” they were back in the mud.

I hope you enjoyed the different twist to this Saddle Story.


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