Picture Perfect Weekend

So, I thought I would give you a picture (or a few) of what our weekend was like…

We played Phase 10 (yahtzee style)…Scott beat me for the hundreth time. (It’s hot, so Scott unbuttons his shirt.)

We studied Spanish.  This is one of our walls of vocabulary.  I joke that my husband reads the dictionary for fun, but it is actually true. Any spare second Scott has he reads the Spanish-English dictionary and writes down words he thinks we need to know. Then, we make flashcards and study them. Once Scott knows them, they go up on the wall for additional studying and random quizzing. (As the day goes on, it gets hotter, so Scott has no shirt on.)

Scott finally felt strong enough to play soccer with the boys again.

He said he was thinking he wouldn’t be able to play the whole game because it was so hot, but then it rained.

We made homemade pizza with an Italian herb crust and homemade sauce. Scott’s half is green pepper and pepperoni and my half is green pepper and mushroom. Scott lovingly says the pizza was good. But, I had hope (and ideas) that it could get even better! And, I had half the dough left…so I made another pizza tonight and we both thought it was really good and much better. Buy my cookbook if you want to know the secret! (In the evening, sometimes boys stop by, so Scott put his shirt back on.)


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Weekend

  1. The pizza looks great, but I especially like how you are finding joy in what you do and in what you don’t have. It is very inspiring.

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