Preaching and Teaching

This week is spiritual emphasis week, so every night at 6 p.m. there is a service with a guest preacher. Also, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there are services. It is a little difficult to sit through when all you catch are the scripture references (and sometimes not even those), but we are hopeful and prayerful that this is positively working in the boys’ lives.

This morning Scott and I missed the service to teach English to the bible school students (who still have regular classes this week). We had fun getting to know the students today, learning their names, and practicing making sentences in English. Though it was pretty similar to an American classroom, the Latin American culture played into the atmosphere. It took me a minute to understand that the students were not trying to be disrespectful when they would talk over one another–that’s just the culture. We are not completely sure that it went well (not to say that it did not), but we both left the classroom laughing and feeling a bit exhausted after the 90 minute class.

We are thankful for a morning together once a week and a fun opportunity to interact with people closer in age to us. Sorry we didn’t take any pictures today–we will try to remember to do that next week!


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