Service with a Smile

Part of the excitement in my daily life has absolutely nothing to do with being in Honduras. In fact, probably most of my daily activities and tasks are not unique to life in rural Central America, but it is very much impacted by being here. One of my biggest investments is in domestic activities—mainly cooking and cleaning.

With our windows always open, cleaning is a constant battle against bugs and dirt (not to mention my husband works on a farm, so laundry is a constant need)! And, if a crumb is ignored, an ant army brings your attention to it. Though I don’t mind doing laundry, sweeping and mopping, I absolutely love getting to cook for my husband! I get to be pretty creative with what I make and how I make it because of limited ingredients here, but I gladly take on the challenge! We don’t have convenience foods (or at least they are more expensive so I don’t typically buy them), so I make everything from scratch. And, I work really hard to reuse leftovers in new ways, so we don’t waste anything.

Sometimes I am frustrated with how much time these things take, and I feel guilty for not spending more time investing in people instead of little tasks. But, I have discovered three things about this:

  1. Things take longer here.
  2. Service (even within the home, or especially within the home) is valuable.
  3. God has given me time to cook, which is something I love to do, so I must accept the gift and share it. (And, the nice part is that the language barrier doesn’t get in the way of eating!)

This week I have been given several new assignments of ways to be helping the school. I have plenty to do, but I still look forward to cooking each meal. Thank you, Lord, that I can do this, that I get to do this, that I live on a campus of growing boys that like to eat, and that my husband loves me enough to eat whatever I make (and he helps with the dishes)!

And for fun I thought I would tell you what is on the menu today…we always have plenty and would love for you to join us!

For lunch, we had tostadas (made from leftover corn tortillas that I baked) with fajita beef, refried beans made from dry beans, leftover corn and green pepper cheddar rice casserole, and tomatoes.

For dinner, we are  having potato soup in sourdough bread bowls (My first time to use my sourdough bread starter!) and baked apple crisp for dessert.

*Disclaimer: I typically make things healthy-style, but they still taste good (or even better I think)…at least most of the time. However, I have learned that brownies are only good when made with all the butter and sugar the recipe demands.


6 thoughts on “Service with a Smile

  1. Your note about brownies made me think of a Dr Oz brownie recipe which uses unusual ingredients that may be available to you there. It is:
    1-15 oz can black beans, 1/4 c cocoa powder, 3 T whole wheat flour, 3/4 c egg substitute or eggs, 1 tsp espresso powder, 1 T butter, melted, 1 tsp vanilla. Blend these very well in either a blender or food processor (if available) & then add 3/4 c agave nectar, & blend for another minute. Use 8×8 pan & bake at 350 for 20 min, then reduce to 300 for 5 more minutes. Makes 15 brownies at 88 calories each w/<1g of fat. Not quite sure how you would substitute white/brown sugar for agave nectar.

    I have not tried this, but plan to soon. Keep writing, both of you. It's good stuff!

  2. Sounds good! I am planning to try to make a sourdough starter. I’ve been reading up on stuff from Candace. Let me know how your bread bowls turned out. Have you been able to use any of the recipes I sent you?

    And those black brown brownies your friend posted about, they are really good!

  3. Oh no! I thought I posted a comment a couple of hours ago, but I guess I didn’t! I can’t wait to hear about your sourdough experience! It sounds like all three of us may be trying this experiment around the same time. Fun!


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