Holy Cows!

After helping out in the library one day, I found a bible study book called “Simple Faith” by Charles Swindoll, which is basically a study on the Sermon on the Mount. (Scott jokes with me by asking me about how the group discussion is going and if anyone had any particularly insightful comments today, since this is really aimed at a small group but I am doing it alone.)

Anyway, while I was working on my bible study this morning (and Scott was already at the farm), I heard a strange swooshing noise and looked out our window. A group of dairy cows had gotten out and were grazing in our yard. Laughing to myself, I thought, “I have to take a picture of this!” So, I stepped out on the porch to get a better shot and within a few minutes my cowboy husband was there herding them back to where they belonged. All this to say, we love life here at the farm!


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