Dinner with Amigos

Last night, we had our friends Eddy and Omar over for dinner. As single guys who live on their own, they appreciated the food, but we appreciated their company! They both work at the school in maintenance and are about our age. Omar had to leave right after dessert, but Eddy stayed for a while and helped us practice our Spanish and just hung out. Eddy told us toward the end of the night that before he met us he thought marriage at such a young age was bad, but now he thinks it can be really good. All I could think was, thank you, Lord, that’s cool! I had no idea if we were connecting with them (especially me since I am worse at Spanish than Scott). Finally, it feels like we are building relationships with people in spite of the struggle with the language. I feel like my biggest contribution is being able to make meals for people; however, it always takes longer and turns out a little different here.

Some praises to share…

Scott has been working at the farm every day this week (except Tuesday), and he is feeling much better. However, his muscle is still tight and the bone is still bruised and sensitive, so he is not planning to ride a horse again until next week. He is also super ready to be able to play soccer and futbalito with the boys when they return next week. Continue to pray for healing and discernment.

 While one of the missionaries is out of town for the next three weeks, we are going to teach an English class to the Bible College students on Tuesday mornings. I am especially excited to connect with the six or seven girls that are about my age–there are about 15 people in the class.

Also, I am helping with various needs, and I feel like I am able to contribute a little more. Please continue to pray for eyes to see the needs and boldness to act on them.


4 thoughts on “Dinner with Amigos

  1. It is hard for me to understand how you can cook with so little resourses. You two are great together. Each anxious to learn Spanish and do what God has planned for you

    • I guess fubalito is soccer but a very specific game (type) of soccer. Fubalito here at the school is played inside walls that are about 4 feet high and the court (not field) is about the size of a basketball court. It is really just “mini” soccer, but you play off the walls and it is just much faster. Savanah likes to say what racquetball is to tennis is futbalito to soccer.

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