Healing Hikes

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As my leg has been slowly healing, it has been great to be able to get out of the house more.  At the end of this past week, we got to spend some more time with the boys at campus activities.  With the extra time in the house, we have been working hard on our Spanish.  If you were to walk into our home, you would not see typical house decorations; instead, we have spiced up our home by labeling everything imaginable in it with Spanish words on slips of colored construction paper.  Though our grammer is about the same as a 3 year olds, our vocab is increasing. Because of this, we have engaged in more (and deeper) conversations with the boys.  While the boys are gone this week for vacation, we plan on working hard on our Spanish, and we are thankful for a quiet week for my leg to continue to heal. We are very excited about diving into their lives more once they return!

As my leg improves, I have been trying to increase my strength and flexibility.  Thank goodness for my two years working in Asbury’s Athletic Training Room and my one year working at Lexington Clinic Physical Therapy! I feel like I somewhat know what to do and what to expect.  Other than doing some physical therapy in the house, Savanah and I have tried to do go on some walks to get my leg working again and to see the beautiful countryside (pictures above).

Please continue to lift up my healing process since I am still a ways off from normal (though if you know me, you all know I will never be “normal”).  When the boys come back next week, I would love to play soccer with them some, but I know that is a very optimistic goal. Pray for wisdom and discernment as well.


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