Third Times a Charm

As for my leg, it is continuing to heal slowly. Friday night the vet (who works with the farm) came up to our place bringing a gift in the form of a long, pointed object.  At first, I hesitated—a vet (a doctor of animals) giving me (a human) a shot—but he insisted and I remembered that they give shots for everything down here and I desperately needed help. After reading over the box, the words “antiiflamatorio” sounded sweet to my ears. I was super thankful for the relief the shot brought the next day, though I must admit I am not sure I would’ve past a drug test if I were in the Olympics! This made me think I could walk more on Saturday (so I did), and we think those extra steps flared me back up on Sunday. I saw the nurse on campus on Monday, and in true Honduras fashion, she prescribed me more shots. So, I received another shot last night and my third shot tonight after prayer meeting. We pray that three will be the lucky number and things will drastically improve by tomorrow. Continue to pray for swelling to go down, pain to decrease and function to increase.  These days off have been great time to spend with Savanah, and it has also been good reflection time with the Lord. HE is good, and we are excited and thankful to be in HIS hands.


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