Launch Pad

A house empty of things but filled with love and people is a great place to start ministry.

One of the ways Savanah and I enjoy ministering to others is over a meal. Everyone has to eat, why not do it together? We had one of the workers here at El Sembrador over for lunch today. I became friends with him last year, so it has been a fun and quick process of reconnecting this year. We had a wonderful conversation today—he is working on his English and we are slowly improving our Spanish.  Because Eddy, our friend, is a twenty-four year old single man, we pray that our marriage can be a witness to him and the other young men here.  Savanah and I recognize that we do not have years of wisdom about marriage or degrees in counseling on the subject, but we do pray daily that our marriage will be Christ-centered. We believe that if we truly do hold Christ at our center, then our marriage can be a witness to the power of Jesus.  Pray for us as we have others over for meals and as we try to witness to the young men through our marriage.

Shortly after lunch, I went to the bedroom to ice my leg. Before long, I heard the familiar voice of Chele.  I was deeply touched that Chele ventured up from the farm to check up on me and make sure I was doing alright. I told him how I am itching to get back and work. He told me they are ready for me whenever I am ready, but he warned me of the importance of taking it slow and not rushing back before I am ready. It was encouraging to me to have the interaction with him.  Beyond that, last week I invited Chele to our house two days for lunch and both times he declined.  Today he did accept a glass of our “always-ready” sweet tea! We pray today’s interaction at our home made him feel more comfortable to join for us for lunch someday.

Yesterday, I was asked to share the devotional for the missionaries’ weekly prayer meeting tonight. I felt led to share how Abraham’s life of a deep personal relationship with the Lord is a great example for us. The time of Bible study and prayer went really well, and it was great to have people in our home. Savanah had made carrot cake, so afterward we enjoyed each other’s fellowship and Savanah’s creative creations (for she is limited on ingredients).


One thought on “Launch Pad

  1. Dear Grandchildren, I have commented before but I don’t know how to send. We are well, but have been worried about Scott. Please Scott no more stallions. This time your were very fortunate. I am so grateful to you Savanah for the care you are giving
    Scott. You truely are a blessing. Grandpa survived his 95th birthday and says now that he made that he will go for 5 more. Is there
    a store for grocery shopping? You make sweet tea sound for inviting.

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