Sweet Tea and Uno

Nothing says hospitality like good ol’ southern sweet tea and a language-neutral game of Uno. On Saturday morning, we had a couple boys working around our house and we shared some sweet tea and cookies with them for a short break from their designated work time. We were thankful for the opportunity to interact with these boys that we hadn’t met before!

Later that afternoon, three boys showed up (one boy, named Dafri, was one of the boys from earlier). We played several games of Uno, laughing a lot and working on our Spanish as they worked on their English. It was such an enjoyable time and so great to be able to share our home and some more sweet tea with them!

After the fact, we realized we didn’t take any pictures, but we’re sure there will be a next time so we’ll introduce you to Dafri, Handy and Roberto later!

Scott is still unable to get around easily. Please continue to pray for the swelling to go down and the pain to diminish. My active husband is not a fan of all of this sitting, but even in his weakness, he managed to beat me in Phase 10 (I must admit I beat him the first two times)! We are thankful for the time the Lord has given us together, though we are very ready for Scott to feel better!!!