And the Lord Provides

Scott here… I have learned a lot in the past 24 hours. Some things I should’ve already known and others just make me smile in amazement and joy. Most people know, when two boys are interested in the same girl, things can get ugly. Really much of this story is about when too much testosterone is involved, you got problems. Yet, estrogen heals! I hope I’ve gotten your attention to read on.

Yesterday after lunch, Chele (the cowboy I work with the most) and I went out to a field to gather up two young bulls. The abundance of testosterone became evident as they proceeded to run through two different barbwire fences as we tried to get them to the corral. This is where the situation turned for the worse. Because of the particular field the two young bulls ran into, Chele got off his horse to go round them up on foot. That left Chele’s horse, a mare (female horse), tied up on the fence. The field the bulls broke into at first was the same field that had the foal (baby horse) of Chele’s horse. Chele’s horse had not been happy all day that it was taken from its foal and being reunited with it made Chele’s horse a little excited. The plot thickens as the horse I am on at this point is a stallion, whom is also the father of the foal and the mate of the mare. And, the last important piece of information is that there is another stallion in this field—that makes two stallions, which makes a lot of testosterone.

I am about fifty yards away from the tied-up mare and other horses, and I am watching Chele and not paying attention to what is going on with the other horses. Then I notice Chele is yelling at me to go take care of the situation over by the other horses. By this time I am probably too late to intervene with the horses because hormones have obviously taken over (including my own…I was thinking I was man enough to take care of the situation). The stallion was already mounted on the mare, but I ran over on my horse to chase the other horses away. My horse was not happy another stallion was on his mate, the other stallion was not happy to have his “time” interrupted, and the mare was agitated at the interruption to her reunion with her foal.

My horse and the other stallion reared up at each other. Both horses came back down, and I pulled my horse away. At this point, I felt really proud of myself for breaking up the “horse play” and riding out a rearing horse. Well neither stallion was done with the other one, and to my surprise, they reared up again at each other with open mouths ready to bite. My horse fell backwards onto the ground trapping mainly my right side of my body under it for a brief moment. At this second, I was praising the Lord for his protection. I was among two stallions rolling over and biting each other and a mare kicking back at us, and I felt as if the Lord placed my body in the only space safe from flying hooves and rolling, biting horses. I did not escape completely injury free, but it could have been much worse! I feel and felt protected by the Lord. The moment of impact knocked the wind out of me and my whole right side, especially my calf, is bruised and sore from the force of impact. Though in pain, I finished the rest of the day of work not wanting to damper my relationship with the cowboys.

Here is where estrogen heals… Savanah has amazed me with her selfless love poured out to me these past 20 hours or so. Again, I feel blessed by the Lord because of my wonderful wife. My calf is extremely black and blue and very tight (and we continue to pray that is all that is the matter with it). Throughout the whole night, she woke me up every two hours to either take my medicine or help stretch the muscle. She sacrificed a good night of sleep to help me and continues to do all in her power to help me through the healing process. It is cool how the Lord has seemed to supply us with a Labor Day weekend though we wouldn’t have had one down here in Honduras. We are thankful for this extra time to spend with each other as we still figure out life as a newly married couple in a different country.

Please continue to pray for my right leg specifically. I am still in a lot of pain with limited flexibility and limited walking ability. Yet in this accident, we want to praise the Lord for his protection and the truths we learn from these experiences.