Adios Tegucigalpa!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days. I (Scott) don’t want to leave you with a laundry list of what we did, so I’ll highlight some of the major happenings.  However, if you know me, I can go on forever.

Savanah and I really had a great time exploring the capital city, Tegucigalpa, with one of the missionaries, Bill Ryan.  He took us to the market downtown by the national soccer stadium where we bought some delicious vegetables and fruit. We also spent some of the morning with the family Bill and his wife lived with their first year in Honduras.  They only spoke Spanish so it was a great opportunity to start working on our skills.  Savanah was especially excited to experience the hospitality of Hondurans as they made us coffee and offered us a salty cookie of sorts.  After our visit, the three of us ate at a little restaurant with typical Honduran food–pupusas, a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and cabbage salad on top.  We really had a great morning experiencing Honduran culture on a deeper level.

After lunch, we loaded up the back of the truck with our suitcases, groceries, and other supplies under a tarp praying for no rain (fyi…it is rainy season right now in Honduras).  The drive out of Tegucigalpa to El Sembrador is like nothing else I’ve ever seen; the poverty, traffic, infrastructure (or lack thereof), and driving was a memorable experience. The first picture is Tegucigalpa, which shows the sprawling city and the homes built into the mountains.

Well sure enough, we got poured on twice for extended periods of time on our drive.  Savanah and I were praying silently the whole way for our stuff in the back of the truck.  Praise the Lord, nothing was ruined and only a few things slightly damp.  The Lord was faithful!  More than just with the dry luggage, we felt the Lord’s faithfulness with our new missionary friend Bill.  We had great conversations with him and discovered many connections.  He is a great man with a great heart for the people of Honduras.

Since arriving at El Sembrador, it has been filled with reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends (a short story still to come), church, a little soccer, and settling into our FIRST house as a married couple (expect a post later about our house).  And many new friends…as I went to get our computer out of the bag, a scorpion came out too.  At first, my heart stopped and then Savanah caught me on camera making its heart stop.  Lesson one learned: don’t leave stuff like that on the floor, even (or especially) not shoes!


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