Setting Up Home Step One

After a tour of Academia Los Pinares, an international school up on one of the many hills in Tegucigalpa, we went grocery shopping.

If you would have blindfolded me and set me in the middle of the store, I would have opened my eyes and thought I was at Sam’s Club. Price Smart is an American import store that we bought several items at today. From free samples to giant Heinz ketchup bottles, the store felt very American. We also shopped for items we didn’t need in bulk at a Honduran grocery store, La Colonia. In several boxes, we have stored up on flour, sugar, bread, and supplies less accessible in Catacamas. We feel like we bought so much, but we will be armed and ready complete with toilet paper and garbage bags that will hopefully last us the whole time here!

We didn’t take any pictures today (to our regret because Los Pinares is a beautiful school with an amazing view of Tegucigalpa), but this is a picture from early Thursday morning when we were headed to the airport. And, other than a shower and shirt change, we look pretty much the same….haha. We’ll put up some pictures as we settle into our home in the next couple of days. Tomorrow, we will head to the farm school in the afternoon.


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