First Trip as Mr. and Mrs.

After a blessed wedding on August 13th, Scott and I took our first trip as Mr. and Mrs.

Scott surprised me with a wonderful week in St. Petersburg, Florida. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach and resting up after our busy summers and the rush of the wedding. We built elaborate sand castles, lounged in the sun, played in the gulf, rented a scooter to explore the island, took the bus to downtown St. Petersburg and the pier, and ate great food and ice cream every day!! We had such a great wedding and honeymoon, and we are filled with many emotions as we celebrate our marriage, remember our great summers, and look forward to the year in missions ahead of us.

We enjoyed the weekend with my new sister and brother-in-law in Columbus. Also, upon our return, we got to look at many fun wedding pictures by friends on Facebook (we’ll post some on here once we get them from our photographer), and we had fun opening wedding gifts and cards while celebrating our one week anniversary with the top tier of our wedding cake. Now, we are spending the week at Scott’s parents house in Canton in full-force preparation mode for Honduras. We fly out early Thursday morning for Tegucigalpa.

And so…we officially begin traveling lands as the Traveling Lands (aka Landerholms)!


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