Good Ol’ Golden School Days

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This morning I got to go to the school and take pictures of the students. The director wanted some shots of the students in class, in their uniforms, and in different activities. One of the classes was learning English words having to do with basketball, so you will see them practicing them as they play.



Total Reliance

As I sit at our dining room table staring out the window at the sunny Honduras landscape, I realize that God has provided so much for us to be here. After preparing lunch and sticking it back in the fridge, I am waiting on Scott to get back from his long morning at the farm. I spent the morning in the school offices working on familiarizing myself with the school’s child sponsorship program.

The past couple of days we have been working on making this empty, five-bedroom house feel a little more like our home.  (This house used to be used for work teams coming through, hence why so many rooms.) I suppose every lady thinks about making her home feel welcoming and warm, but since being here, I have perceived that our personalities provide the hospitality and, in Honduras, the weather takes care of the warmth.

More and more, this process of coming to Honduras has been a release of stuff for me. It has not been much of an issue in my life before now, but as we live more and more modestly, I realize my tendency to seek things to fix a problem instead of total reliance on the Lord to provide.

In Matthew 6, Jesus tells us to not be anxious that he provides for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, so how much more will he provide for us.

With the limited provisions we were able to bring with us and the generosity of the people here, Scott and I definitely have all that we need. And though I feel like we have very few things, we actually have more than we absolutely need to get by. God is using this time to prune my reliance on stuff, conveniences, and even other people. He is opening my heart to further trust in Him.

Adios Tegucigalpa!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days. I (Scott) don’t want to leave you with a laundry list of what we did, so I’ll highlight some of the major happenings.  However, if you know me, I can go on forever.

Savanah and I really had a great time exploring the capital city, Tegucigalpa, with one of the missionaries, Bill Ryan.  He took us to the market downtown by the national soccer stadium where we bought some delicious vegetables and fruit. We also spent some of the morning with the family Bill and his wife lived with their first year in Honduras.  They only spoke Spanish so it was a great opportunity to start working on our skills.  Savanah was especially excited to experience the hospitality of Hondurans as they made us coffee and offered us a salty cookie of sorts.  After our visit, the three of us ate at a little restaurant with typical Honduran food–pupusas, a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and cabbage salad on top.  We really had a great morning experiencing Honduran culture on a deeper level.

After lunch, we loaded up the back of the truck with our suitcases, groceries, and other supplies under a tarp praying for no rain (fyi…it is rainy season right now in Honduras).  The drive out of Tegucigalpa to El Sembrador is like nothing else I’ve ever seen; the poverty, traffic, infrastructure (or lack thereof), and driving was a memorable experience. The first picture is Tegucigalpa, which shows the sprawling city and the homes built into the mountains.

Well sure enough, we got poured on twice for extended periods of time on our drive.  Savanah and I were praying silently the whole way for our stuff in the back of the truck.  Praise the Lord, nothing was ruined and only a few things slightly damp.  The Lord was faithful!  More than just with the dry luggage, we felt the Lord’s faithfulness with our new missionary friend Bill.  We had great conversations with him and discovered many connections.  He is a great man with a great heart for the people of Honduras.

Since arriving at El Sembrador, it has been filled with reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends (a short story still to come), church, a little soccer, and settling into our FIRST house as a married couple (expect a post later about our house).  And many new friends…as I went to get our computer out of the bag, a scorpion came out too.  At first, my heart stopped and then Savanah caught me on camera making its heart stop.  Lesson one learned: don’t leave stuff like that on the floor, even (or especially) not shoes!

Setting Up Home Step One

After a tour of Academia Los Pinares, an international school up on one of the many hills in Tegucigalpa, we went grocery shopping.

If you would have blindfolded me and set me in the middle of the store, I would have opened my eyes and thought I was at Sam’s Club. Price Smart is an American import store that we bought several items at today. From free samples to giant Heinz ketchup bottles, the store felt very American. We also shopped for items we didn’t need in bulk at a Honduran grocery store, La Colonia. In several boxes, we have stored up on flour, sugar, bread, and supplies less accessible in Catacamas. We feel like we bought so much, but we will be armed and ready complete with toilet paper and garbage bags that will hopefully last us the whole time here!

We didn’t take any pictures today (to our regret because Los Pinares is a beautiful school with an amazing view of Tegucigalpa), but this is a picture from early Thursday morning when we were headed to the airport. And, other than a shower and shirt change, we look pretty much the same….haha. We’ll put up some pictures as we settle into our home in the next couple of days. Tomorrow, we will head to the farm school in the afternoon.

Safely Arrived

We safely arrived in Tegucigalpa today around noon (local time). After enjoying good ole Pizza Hut, we did some orientation, had dinner at a missionary’s home, and attended a prayer meeting with the missionaries in Tegucigalpa. Tomorrow we will stay in the city to do some grocery shopping and see a few things here as well as finish up the remainder of our orientation, and we go to El Sembrador on Saturday morning. God was faithful with uneventful travel and good conversations with missionaries today! Thank you for your prayers!

Heading to Honduras

We have had a great past couple of weeks seeing friends and family and just getting to know each other better; however, it is now time to go see the people the Lord has called us to in Honduras.  We are eager to get settled into this next phase of life, and we are excited to connect with the missionaries already down there and see how we can jump in.

I am excited to reconnect with the boys and cowboys I spent so much time with last summer, and Savanah is ready to meet the people who became so important to me.  Please pray for us as we fly out tomorrow morning and arrive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Tomorrow night we will stay at the guest house in Tegucigalpa, and then we will drive to El Sembrador, the farm school, on Friday morning.  Pray for safety as we travel and for courage as we step out in faith into many unknowns.

First Trip as Mr. and Mrs.

After a blessed wedding on August 13th, Scott and I took our first trip as Mr. and Mrs.

Scott surprised me with a wonderful week in St. Petersburg, Florida. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach and resting up after our busy summers and the rush of the wedding. We built elaborate sand castles, lounged in the sun, played in the gulf, rented a scooter to explore the island, took the bus to downtown St. Petersburg and the pier, and ate great food and ice cream every day!! We had such a great wedding and honeymoon, and we are filled with many emotions as we celebrate our marriage, remember our great summers, and look forward to the year in missions ahead of us.

We enjoyed the weekend with my new sister and brother-in-law in Columbus. Also, upon our return, we got to look at many fun wedding pictures by friends on Facebook (we’ll post some on here once we get them from our photographer), and we had fun opening wedding gifts and cards while celebrating our one week anniversary with the top tier of our wedding cake. Now, we are spending the week at Scott’s parents house in Canton in full-force preparation mode for Honduras. We fly out early Thursday morning for Tegucigalpa.

And so…we officially begin traveling lands as the Traveling Lands (aka Landerholms)!


Tomorrow is my last day of work at Jefferson Title Company (in Arkansas). It has been such a learning experience as I have entered the realm of real estate, deeds, mortgages, taxes, liens, and loans.  I feel like I have been prepared for buying house and tackling the paperwork in closings. And, all of a sudden, my time at this job is ending. It is honestly mind boggling to think that in just over three weeks Scott and I will be filling new roles in Honduras. And in just ten days, Scott and I will be starting our life together as husband and wife.

This summer we have been regularly preparing for the wedding in some way or another. But, amid the lace and buttons and ribbon and tulle, I have begun to realize how much more God is at work preparing me (and Scott) for not only wedding or the next year in missions, but also a life of marriage and ministry.

One day, I wrote in my journal, “God this is all so great, but I don’t know if I can handle this much stuff at once, even if it is good stuff.” And with this summer of preparation coming to an end, some days I feel overwhelmed. Thankfully though, God is patiently teaching me –a repeated lesson it seems– to trust Him one step at a time.

An all-time favorite verse comes to mind, bringing with it a helpful dose of peace…

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.” Psalm 37:5